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Later, after the sun has made its march across the sky, I make my way back to Amangiri. I pause on the penultimate knoll to take in the structure of the property from afar. It’s a paean to architectural elegance, with low set rectangular buildings matching the subtle colours and textures of the surrounding Entrada sandstone, blending seamlessly into the rugged landscape. Despite having all the creature comforts to the highest level (a 2,300 m² spa, a private courtyard and terrace for each suite, and a clear, blue pool wrapped around an enormous, ancient boulder), it’s clear that nature plays the leading role. Set within 240 ha of wilderness on the invisible border between Utah and Arizona, there is a profound sense of the American Southwest here. It’s not by chance that the resort lies within easy striking distance of Lake Powell, the Slot Canyons, Zion, Grand Canyon, and Monument Valley; Amangiri deliberately places you in the middle of all this natural splendour. Skimlinks Test